Justin Perich on HuffPost Live


I discovered HuffPost Live, the live stream of the Huffington Post for the first time a few weeks ago. I ran across HuffPost Live while I was on their main news site  looking at articles in the Healthy Living vertical. It was then that I looked at  right top hand corner of my screen and noticed , funny man and popular actor Marlon Wayans was on for a segment about his new TBS show Funniest Wins. Marlon Wayans is the an executive producer and host of the new comedy competition in which 10 comedians compete  against each other for a starring spot on his series What The Funny and a $100,000 prize. Host Marc Lamont Hill had a hilariously entertaining interview with Marlon Wayans where the viewers are able to comment along in the live thread. I decided to ask him how he felt about Nick Cannons white face controversy since he  most notably wore white face in the movie White Chicks. To my surprise,  my comment was picked up and read live by Marc. Marlon Wayans answered with a great and legitimate response. You’ll have to watch the segment to hear what his response is! Check it out below. My question is answered about 15 mins in to the interview. I have been tuning in to Funniest Wins and I must say it is very funny and the comedians are talented. I look forward to checking out the rest of the season.